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Said the three Jin, but the most virtuous, can be modest corporal. At that time, Confucius Gao's younger brother Bu Shang, whose courtesy name was Zi Xia, was taught in the West River, and the Marquis Wen received the scriptures from him. Wei Cheng recommended Tian Zifang's virtue, and Wen Hou made friends with him. Cheng also said, "Duan Ganmu, a native of Xihe, is a man of virtue. He lives in seclusion and is not an official." Wen Hou is ordered to drive to see. Dry wood smell car driving to the door, is after the wall and avoid it. The Marquis Wen sighed, saying, "Gao Shi!" Then stay on the west river in January, every day to build the door please see, near its house, that is, by Shi stand up, dare not sit. Gan Mu knew his sincerity and had no choice but to see it. Wen Hou to AnChe ZaiGui, and Tian Zifang as Wang Bin. Wise men from all directions come and return after hearing the news. There are also Li Ke, Zhai Huang, Tian Wen, and a group of counsellors in the court. At that time, there was no talent out of Wei You. The people of the Qin Dynasty repeatedly wanted to increase the number of soldiers in the Wei Dynasty, and feared that many of them were virtuous, so they laid soldiers for them. Wen Hou taste and Yu people set noon, hunting in the suburbs. Its day early in the morning, the value of the day rain, cold, give princes wine. When the sovereign and his ministers were all drinking, the Marquis Wen asked the left and the right, saying, "Is it noon?" The answer was, "It is noon." Wen Hou hurriedly ordered to withdraw the wine and urged the people to drive quickly to the wild. "You can't hunt in the rain," he said. "Why should this come out?" Marquis Wen said, 'I have an appointment with the man of Yu,faux ficus tree, and he will wait for me in the suburbs. Though I am not hunting, how dare I not go there personally to fulfill the appointment?' When the people of the country saw the Marquis of Wen braving the rain to come out, they thought it was strange, and when they heard of the appointment to go to Yu, they all looked at each other and said, "My Lord has not broken his promise to others." As a result, no one dares to disobey the orders of politics and religion. Said the east of the Jin Dynasty, there is the name of Zhongshan, Ji surname, viscount, is the white di of other species, also xianyu. Since the time of Duke Zhao of the Jin Dynasty, the rebellious clothes were not often taken,outdoor ficus tree, and he had repeatedly made conquests. Zhao Jianzi led the division to encircle it, and he began to pay tribute. And the three Jin countries, no exclusive. Zhongshan Ziji Grottoes like to drink for a long night, taking the day as the night and the night as the day. Alienation of ministers, intimacy of small groups, unemployment of the common people, and frequent disasters. Wen Hou Mou wants to cut it. Wei Chengjin said, 'Zhongshan is near Zhao in the west, and far from Wei in the south. If we attack and get it, it will not be easy to defend it.' Marquis Wen said, "If Zhao gets Zhongshan, the situation in the north will become more serious." Zhai Huang wrote, 'I have chosen a man whose surname is Yue and whose given name is Yang. He is a native of Qiqiu. This man is a civil and military all-rounder, and can serve as a general. Marquis Wen said, "Why do you see it?" Zhai Huang replied, "The happy sheep tried to travel, and when he got the money he left behind, he took it to return.". His wife said to him, 'a man with lofty ideals does not drink the water of a stolen spring, and an honest man does not receive the food of a stolen spring. I don't know the origin of this gold, but how can I take it? ' Feeling his wife's words, Le Yang threw gold in the wild, left his wife, and traveled to study in Lu and Wei. After a year to return, his wife Fang loom, fake ficus tree ,artificial grass panels, asked her husband: 'What you have learned?' Yue Yang said, 'Not yet.' The wife took a knife to cut off the machine wire. Le Yang asked the reason in surprise. The wife said, 'It is feasible after learning is completed, just as it is feasible after silk is completed. Today, Zixue has not yet been completed, and he has returned to the middle way. What is the difference between this opportunity and the break? ' Happy sheep sentiment, go back to school, seven years do not return. Now that this man is in his own country, he has high expectations and disdains to be a small official. Why not? The Marquis Wen ordered Zhai Huang to summon Yue Yang with a chariot. He stopped him from left to right, saying, "I have heard that Yue Shu, the eldest son of Yue Yang, has become an official in Zhongshan. How can I let him?" Zhai Huang said, "Yue Yang is a man of fame.". Son in Zhongshan, once for its gentleman Zhao le sheep, sheep with Zhongshan gentleman no way not to go. "If the tetrarch sent to the axe tomahawk, why can't you succeed?" Wen Hou from it. Yue Yang followed Zhai Huang to the court to see the Marquis of Wen. The Marquis said, "I want to entrust you with the affairs of Zhongshan. Where is Nai Qing Zi in that country?" Yue Yang said, "When a husband makes meritorious achievements, each is his own master. How can he abandon his official duties with his personal feelings?"? If I can't shatter Zhongshan, I'm willing to be a military order! The Marquis Wen was overjoyed, saying, "If you can be confident, I will believe everything." So worship for marshal, make Ximen leopard for the vanguard, rate of fifty thousand, to cut Zhongshan. Ji cave sent the general drum beard, station troops catalpa mountain, in order to refuse Wei Shi. Le Yang stationed troops in Wenshan. They were locked in a stalemate for more than a month without winning or losing. Yue Yang said to Ximen Bao, "In front of my master, I have come with a military order. I have been fighting for more than a month, but I haven't done anything. Don't you feel ashamed of yourself?"! I think there are many catalpa trees in the catalpa mountain. I have a brave man. If he dives and sets fire to the forest, his soldiers will be in chaos. If he takes advantage of the chaos, he will be invincible. Ximen Bao is willing to go. At that time, in the Mid-Autumn Festival in August, Zhongshan Ziji Grottoes sent an envoy to the Catalpa Mountain with fire and wine to Lao drum beard. The drum must drink freely to the moon, happy and forget. In the third watch, Ximen Bao led his soldiers with a strong title. Each of them held a long torch, which was tied up with dead branches and filled with sheep medicine. He burned the catalpa wood everywhere. When Gu Xu saw a fire rising in the army and extending to the camp, he was drunk and led the soldiers to put out the fire. Le Yang put on his clothes and boarded the chariot. As soon as he saw Le Shu, he did not wait to open his mouth. He scolded him, saying, "a superior man does not live in a dangerous country, nor does he serve in a disorderly court.". You are greedy for wealth and honor, and do not know where to go. I have been ordered by you to punish the people. I can advise you to descend quickly, and we can still meet each other. Le Shu said, "It is up to the ruler to surrender or not to surrender, and it is not up to the man to be special.". But I beg my father to postpone his attack and allow me to deliberate calmly. Yue Yang said, "I will rest my troops for a month, and with the affection of my father and my son, you, monarch, and your ministers, may make a decision as early as possible, so as not to delay the great event." Le Yang indeed as expected, only teach soft trapped, not to siege. Ji Grotto, relying on the love of the happy sheep, never rushed to attack, and tried to delay, but had no idea. After a month, the happy sheep sent people to ask for a letter of surrender. Ji Grotto is also called Le Shu Qiu Kuan, and Le Yang Kuan Yi Yue. After doing this three times, Ximen Baojin said, "Don't you want to go down to Zhongshan, Marshal?"? Why not attack for a long time? Yue Yang said, "The king of Zhongshan did not sympathize with the people, so I attacked him.". If the attack is too urgent, it will hurt the people. The three of us follow his request, not only for the love of father and son, but also for the hearts of the people. Said Wei Wenhou around see Yue Yangxin, suddenly get big use, all have the meaning of injustice. When he heard that he had stopped attacking three times, he said to the Marquis of Wen, "Yue Yang has taken advantage of the power of repeated victories, and his momentum is overwhelming. Because of the words of Yue Shu, he has stopped attacking for three months, and the love between father and son is deep. This is also known.". Master if not recalled,silk cherry blossom tree, fear teacher ① cost money, useless. Wen Hou should not, ask in Zhai Huang.


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